Students Exchange Program

If you wish to apply for our student exchange program, please apply at your home university which has an exchange program agreement with the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Tokushima University.

Our partner universities are as follows;

Country Sweden Canada America Latvia Malaysia Croatia Belgium
Name of University Lund University Bishop’s University Florida Atlantic University University of Latvia University of Malaya University of Zagreb Ghent University
Country Taiwan Taiwan Korea Korea Vietnam Slovenia
Name of University National Chiayi University Kainan University Kyungpook National University Korea Maritime and Ocean University University of Languages & International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of Ljubljana
Country China China China China China India
Name of University Whuan University Nanjing University Jilin University Xi’an Jiaotong University Ningbo University Pune University


Enrollment Procedure

Please click and view the “Procedure of Enrollment” for Application Process, Visa, accommodation and Health Insurance information.


Admission Requirements (Language requirements)

Japanese language proficiency to be able to take lectures and tests in Japanese without translation.

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level 3 (N3) or higher is desirable.

If applicants do not have a JLPT certificate, supporting documents to prove their Japanese proficiency (being equivalent to or higher than N3) will be required.

Reference : Site to the Official Worldwide JLPT Website


【Graduate School Students Only】

If your Study abroad at Tokushima University is mainly for research purpose, please submit “Schedule Form of the Study” with your application documents.

Also we request you to submit “Status Report of the Study” every month during your study abroad in Tokushima.

When your study abroad at Tokushima University is concluded, please submit “Report of the Study”.

Download: Schedule Form of the Study

                Status Report of the Study

                Report of the Study


We offer the ICP (International Culture Program) and Japanese Language Education for students whose Japanese level is lower than N3 to improve their Japanese level in their first semester.

Japanese Language Education

Syllabuses offered by the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Course Timetable for the faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Course Timetable for the Graduate Schools of Sciences and Technology for Innovation – Regional Development 


HP用 Class Chart English

We provide the above courses except “Everyday Japanese Course” for exchange students.