留学体験記 – Tanisha Melanie Campbell

Tanisha Melanie Campbell(タニイシャ メラニイ カンベル)

交換留学プログラム(Student Exchange Program)

ビショップス大学:(カナダ)/ 2014年10月~2015年9月

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●Why did you want to study abroad in Japan? / なぜ日本に留学しようと思ったのですか。

 I wanted to experience the Japanese culture in person and improve my Japanese language ability.



●Why did you choose Tokushima University for your studying abroad? / 徳島大学を選んだ理由は何ですか。

 I did not choose Tokushima University, my teacher made a strong recommendation for me.



●What subject have you been studying in your home university? / 自国では何を勉強していましたか。

 Psychology, Japanese and Spanish



●How did you prepare for studying in Japan? / 日本留学に向けてどのような準備をしましたか。

 I studied Japanese through Genki Ⅰ textbook, I attend Japanese culture course and I joined the Japanese Culture club at my home university.

 「Genki Ⅰ textbook」で日本語を勉強し、日本文化コースを受けました。また自分の大学で日本文化クラブに参加しました。


●How was your experience in Tokushima? For example, was there anything that surprised you? / 徳島に来てどうでしたか。例えば、驚いたことはありますか。

 My general experience was positive. There were some cultural shocks such as how much people stare at foreigners here which can be disturbing.



●Have you used the Culture Lounge while you are in Tokushima University? How did you like using Culture Lounge? / 徳島大学ではカルチャー・ラウンジは利用しましたか。また、利用してどうでしたか。

 Yes I used the Culture Lounge. I did not enjoy the set-up of the room. It wasn’t very comfortable.



●How was your learning experience with courses at Tokushima University? / 徳島大学での勉強(受講)はどうでしたか。

 I wish there was a placement test at the beginning of the term that can help us determine which classes match our level and can help us improve our Japanese. Also, as a foreigner from a non-Asian country, I need Kanji classes. Perhaps the lesson can be taught through Genki Ⅰ and Ⅱ textbook because they involve grammar, vocabulary words and kanji at an easy pace. Furthermore, we need teachers that can teach at a proper pace of learning , such as Aoki-sensei: her pace is perfect and she can teach in easy Japanese – we need a lot more teachers like that!!!

 学期初めにクラス分けテストがあれば良かったです。そうすればどの授業が自分のレベルに合っているか決めやすいし、私の日本語上達の助けにもなりました。また、アジア地域以外からの外国人留学生のために漢字のクラスが必要で、そのクラスでは文法、語彙と漢字が簡単なペースで組み込まれている「Genki Ⅰ&Ⅱ」を使っての指導が良いと思います。さらに適切なペースで指導をしてくれる先生がもっと必要だと思いました。(以前指導していただいた)アオキ先生のペースは完璧で、簡単な日本語で教えてくれました。


●Are there any big differences with student life in Tokushima and the country where your university is? / 学生生活について、日本と自国とでは大きな違いがありますか。

 Yes, the dorms are located on campus allowing (international) students  to commute on foot (no bicycle needed). That allows for a closer community between professors, local students and international students. I think that is something that needs to be done, here.



●What experience gave you strongest impact during your stay in Japan or in Tokushima? / 日本(徳島)での生活で一番印象深いものは何ですか。

 School trips during the fall were well organized and enjoyable. However, very few trips were organized in the Spring / Summer term which left the second half of our studies to be a bit boring. I feel it needs to be spread out.



●What is your goal in the future? / 将来の目標は何ですか。

 My goal is to become a psychologist and /or professor.



●Could you leave advice to students who want to study abroad from Tokushima or thinking of studying in Tokushima from your home school? / 留学を考えている学生に向けてアドバイスをお願いします。

 Enjoy yourself. The people are very kind and it is a great adventure full of life-changing experiences.