International Students

海外から留学を希望される皆さんへ – International Students

The aim of Tokushima University includes the pursuit of truth and creation of knowledge in a spirit of independence and continuation of its outstanding academic and cultural tradition. Our university is open worldwide, and we achieve to create an enriched and peaceful society for the future.


Welcome to the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences of Tokushima University

This page is for students who are enrolled or wish to enroll in the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences at Tokushima University.

For information of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Departments and Courses


The five types of admission to the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences as follows:

Students Exchange Program

Privately Financed International Students

Research Students Program / Credited Auditors Program

Summer School Program

キャンパス春 けやき並木 キャンパス秋

薬王寺 眉山withロープウェイ 武知実波さん No.1


Academic Calender

  Spring semester Fall semester
Commencing Date April 1st October 1st
Concluding Date September 30th March 31st



Information of scholarship for international students.

For exchange international students

Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship For Short-Term Study in Japan)

The Tokushima University International Education and Research Exchange Fund


For privately financed international students and others

Scholarship by UT & Other Organizations


For information of other financial aids to support foreign students, please click here.


Culture Lounge

We have an international exchange facility called the “Culture Lounge”. It is on the second floor of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences in building No.1 and it’s a place for students to communicate with both Japanese and other international students or study other languages independently.

It is also a student-centered place in which students learn naturally from each other in a natural and relaxed environment.

We offer 4 spaces to promote independent learning of students who are interested in international exchange and cross-cultural communication.


Communication Space

To promote International exchange and communication

Independent Space

To offer information of studying abroad and language study material

Counseling space

To talk about how to study foreign languages and get advice on studying abroad or life in Japan

Class / Lesson / Event Space

To hold lessons such as TOEIC and TOEFL training and academic English, as well as to hold events to deepen understandings of foreign cultures


Other activities held by students are as follows:

  • Korean Chat Room
  • Talks about study abroad experiences
  • Language and culture classes by exchange students
  • Welcome and farewell parties for exchange students
  • Orientation of the Lounge for new students
  • Other seasonal events


IMG_0237 CL4_4.24.2014 CL_4.24.2014


Courses and Seminars

Exchange students are required to register for at least 10 hours (7 courses) per week.

We offer the following:

Japanese Language Education offered by the International Center and the Center for General Education

For information concerning language levels and other Japanese language education programs, please click here.

Syllabuses of the Faculty of IAS offered by the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Some are accessible in English for English speaking exchange students with limited skills in Japanese language. And some are courses chosen by former exchange students which are extracted from over one thousand syllabuses in the Faculty of IAS.

Other Syllabuses of the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (chosen by former foreign students)

Some are accessible in English for English speaking exchange students with limited skills in Japanese language. And some are courses chosen by former exchange students extracted from over seven hundred syllabuses in the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Please click here to check and find more syllabuses.

HP用 Class Chart English


Club Activities

To make students life enjoyable, bring up a Japanese healthy mind and body, expand perspectives, and acquire enriching experiences, participation in club activities are recommended.


There are many forms of entertainments and displays from clubs at University festival every year in November.

To join a club, students are recommended to contact the club directly.

List of club activities in Josanjima Campus


弓道 ヨット 陸上 武知実波さん No.3 P1040360 合気道


Experience reports of study abroad






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International Center in Tokushima University.

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