留学体験記 – Marija Lakic(マリヤ ラキチ)

交換留学プログラム(Student Exchange Program)

ザグレブ大学(クロアチア)/ 2019年10月~2020年9月


●Why did you want to study abroad in Japan? / なぜ日本に留学しようと思ったのですか。

 I wanted to improve my Japanese language skills as well as my understanding of Japanese culture.



●Why did you choose Tokushima University for your studying abroad? / 徳島大学を選んだ理由は何ですか。

 Out of all the choices provided by my University, Tokushima University was the best on because it has a good location, not too many people and away from the “mainstream” Japan shown to tourists. For me it was a perfect choice to see the other side of Japan. Also, the scholarship was very good.



●What subject have you been studying in your home university? / 自国では何を勉強していましたか。

 Since I have 3 majors I studied a lot of subjects ranging from Philosophy, Anthropology of many cultures and subjects related to Japanese studies like Linguistics, Literature, History, Religion, etc.



●How did you prepare for studying in Japan? / 日本留学に向けてどのような準備をしましたか。

 I researched the law, the climate, food, life expenses and brushed on my Japanese.



●How was your experience in Tokushima? For example, was there anything that surprised you? / 徳島に来てどうでしたか。例えば、驚いたことはありますか。

 My experience in Tokushima was excellent and a lot of things surprised me like the age of the population, the community, hospitality and the language.



●Have you used the Culture Lounge while you are in Tokushima University? How did you like using Culture Lounge? / 徳島大学ではカルチャー・ラウンジは利用しましたか。また、利用してどうでしたか。

 I have used the Culture Lounge at the beginning of my exchange but I have stopped due to certain events between people who always visit.



●How was your learning experience with courses at Tokushima University? / 徳島大学での勉強(受講)はどうでしたか。

 It was okay but I found that there aren’t too many courses for intermediate learners of Japanese and I could either take courses in English or specific courses in Japanese language. I wish there were more courses about Tokushima and its history in Japanese English combination so that the students can be immersed in the language that is appropriate for their level and learn about the prefecture they are living in.



●Are there any big differences with student life in Tokushima and the country where your university is? / 学生生活について、日本と自国とでは大きな違いがありますか。

 One big difference is the cafeteria because in Croatia, the food is half the regular price. Another one is the number of spaces available for self-study. That was excellent in my opinion.



●What did you get an impact out of the most in your life of Japan or Tokushima? / 日本(徳島)での生活で一番印象深いものは何ですか。

 I got the opportunity to visit a lot of places in Tokushima prefecture because there were a lot of tourist programmes at the beginning of my stay where I was introduced to Shikoku pilgrimage which I have since completed. Professor Moreton was a great help when it came to introduction of the topic.



●What is your goal in the future? / 将来の目標は何ですか。

 I would like to coma back to Japan as Phd student and study more about the Shikoku Pilgrimage and Youkai in the Shikoku region.



●Could you leave advice to students who want to study abroad in the future? / 留学を考えている学生に向けてアドバイスをお願いします。

 They should prepare at least 100,000 yen before coming because there are many expenses when you come first. They should also look through the available courses in detail and study their Japanese more if they want to take classes regarding Japanese history or more specific courses like Psychology.